Friday, February 25, 2011

Michelle Jacobsen - On the Green Living Program in Residential Life

Michelle Jacobsen - Administrative Assistant - Residential Life

Sustainability Office: When did you first become interested in sustainability and how did it happen?

Michelle: At the start of the 2010-2011 academic year with interest in the Green Office Program!

Sustainability Office: In what way do you practice or advocate sustainability?

Michelle: Our office (Residential Life) purchased coffee mugs that state "It's easy being green" in order to eliminate the use of disposable cups in our office.

Sustainability Office: How has your life improved or been influenced by sustainability?

Michelle: I think about it on a more regular basis and understand even the little things make a difference. Not letting the water run as fast while washing my hands, turning it off while brushing my teeth, you know, the simple things!

Sustainability Office: Why is sustainability important to you?

Michelle: If we think about sustainability now, we can better ourselves and protect our future.

Sustainability Office: What advice would you like to offer others as they strive to incorporate sustainability into their lives?

Michelle: It's really not as hard as you think. You don't have to be 100% Green all the time to make a difference. Each thing we do adds to the picture and really will help.

Sustainability Office: Anything else you want people to know about your efforts in sustainability or about the "green" movement in general?

Michelle: I think it's easier to be green at home than it is in the office. Because of that I try harder to be conscious of my behaviors when home and at work it's the little victories that count.